#FindYourPark Coming Down / by a zugunruhe

For my last blog about the trip, here are the last nine national parks I visited.

I can't stress enough how incredible our American national parks are. I don't have the words to describe how it felt to take the short hike to Hidden Lake at Glacier and try to make sense of the unreal Bearhat Mountain or to stand a foot away from elk cows against the setting of a hot spring at dusk on an overcast day while the male was rounding up the rest of his harem in Yellowstone.  

Utah's Mighty Five surprised me in every way possible. Traveling that state from east to west and witnessing the landscape changed is something I will always recommend to any one in the area.


Hidden Lake/Bearhat Mountain

Lake McDonald


West Thumb

West Thumb

Rocky mountain


Balanced Rock

Garden of Eden

Fiery Furnaces


Capital Reef

Bryce Canyon



Hidden Canyon Trail

Hidden Canyon

Grand Canyon - North Rim

Roosevelt Tower