Delhi / by a zugunruhe

When I arrived in Delhi, it was declared the most polluted city in the world due to a recent spike in smog. The Air Quality Index, which has a hazardous level of 500, was maxed out at 999. Being outside all day was the equivalent of smoking two packs of cigarettes.  

After the wedding and traveling around Rajasthan for over a week, Delhi became a much more pleasurable experience. There remained a slight haze but everything was a sight to behold. From the bank lines still wrapping around corners to the incredibly intricate work in the older structures. While the traffic was still terrible, hopping over to the numerous alleys and side roads provided intimate scenes and sights I hadn't imagined before. A large steel bowl holding a few dozen pig brains is one that will stick with me.

India is beautiful country and I greatly enjoyed my time. I could think of few better ways to spend a few weeks than plane, train, and automobiling around the state of Rajasthan and Delhi. As much as I love to photos i took, I could never capture everything I saw and how spectacular it feels to turn a corner and find something you never though you would ever experience in your life. Be it a mix of colorson building and clothes, kids jumping around you yelling "Texas! Texas! Texas!", or a stubborn cow blocking traffic.