Textures: San Marino / by a zugunruhe

The Most Serene Republic Of San Marino is a land locked country within Italy. Along with being the fifth smallest country in the world, it is the longest surviving republic and guided by a six book constitution. The tale of this country is fascinating to read but staying for an extended period around the old town on Monte Titano, which is a literal castle in the clouds, can reveal the odd things the area does to cater to tourists.

Wine bottles that honor Hitler, gun shops engulfed by tacky gift shops, kitschy bottles of Grappa labeled “Grappa Della Gnocca” (roughly slang for Grappa of the pussy). It’s a gorgeous place to visit but a conflicting place to be if you don’t want to see pictures of Mussolini and Stalin when you’re just kicking it. Large-scale finance in micro states fuel some weird stuff.