Textures: North Thailand / by a zugunruhe

Just outside of the old city in Chiang Rai are the White And Blue temples along with the Black House. Each of the complexes are beautiful artistic representations of temples and faith. The Black House explores death, while the White Temple explores random pop culture references, like a painting of Angry Birds flying into the twin towers.

A scenic, four-hour bus ride away is Chiang Mai, which does much more to feed the appetites for Mauy Thai and drag shows. The city provides a wealth of ruins and temples both inside the old city walls to the looming Doi Suthep.

Elephant Nature Park, an hour and a half long drive north of Chiang Mai, is a reserve for elephants who have previously been abused through the local tourist and logging activities. A full day tour only amounts to a few hours being guided around the grounds but sponsors a peaceful existence for these giant creatures that have seen the hell that the hands of men can bring.


Chiang Rai


Chiang Mai


Elephant Nature Park