The Bronami Code [Niagra Falls, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland - August 2012] / by a zugunruhe

The video is based around the "slap slap slap pound up down snap" chorus of Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap by The Death Set. We tried our best to utilize the various unique sites throughout the Lake Erie region.

The Trip

It's kind of a constant with Miranda and I that when we go on a trip together, we do things that people like to stop and watch. We had a lot of people yelling at us from cars, looking curiously, and mostly asking wtf we were doing. One of the last shots is of us bowing/curtsying to a group of motorcyclists off camera who were applauding our ridiculousness.

Not much else to say about the trip at this point. There more info and a few short stories at:



1:07 - Airport walkway



1:18 - That kid on moving walkway smiling at us. This kills me every time.



1:36 - This guy. My everything.




The Video

Now this one was fun to make, shoot-wise and edit-wise.

In hindsight, everything would have worked out better on the editing front if we had picked a side and stuck with it. But we were more concerned with having fun and gaining the ambidextrous skills of switching the sequence from right to left after spinning around.

I had never had the challenge of attempting to edit jumps together and making it look seamless. Unfortunately we shot at different distances almost every time. This made the video a little less fluid than I wanted but I did try to pair up certain shots that were close enough and get them in sync. 


The Music