Chiners [Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai - March 2011] by a zugunruhe

The first video I made was for a business studies trip to China. Over the course of ten days in March of 2011, a small group from Austin attended lectures in Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai covering the local culture and economy.  

As we were flying into Beijing, the Fukushima disaster in Northern Japan had just begun. The tsunami that struck the region had occurred while we were flying over the north pole and we arrived at our hotel to the news. As we attended lectures in Peking University, we encountered a lot of students who were very concerned about the people in Northern Japan and were organizing various aid packages. As naive as it sounds now, this really solidified the fact that people are people everywhere for me.


Noteable Moments:

1:20 - Our advisor falling asleep synced to the bridge

1:32 - Randy watching four topless gentlemen leaving the bathroom together

Our advisor falling asleep at a Peking Opera performance

Randy observing the local scenery


Since this was my first video in this format, there are a lot of errors in the syncing as well as everything moving rather quickly. This was also before I discovered the wonders of stabilization and the effect it can have on the view-ability of these videos. While this is a rough video, I really like how a lot of shots turned out. The "1-2-3-4!" of the four topless gentlemen leaving the bathroom in single file while Randy just watches is an edit that I'll never forget. It remains one of my favorite moments in all of my videos.