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Raw Pete [San Francisco/El Paso - March 2015] by a zugunruhe

Paydirt Pete fondly remembers the time he spent in San Francisco with strangers

The Trip

For spring break of 2015, I went to San Francisco with one of my organizations, REDA (Regional Economic Development Association), in order to tour a few start-ups, law firms, and incubators in the Bay Area. We met with UTEP alumni that gave us an overview of how things operated in the region and gain valuable insight in to how companies come into and maintain existence.

One, Knotch, is totally worth your time: 



Also, I climbed a few hills.





0:09 - Pete awakeNs



1:32 - Batman transition



2:45 - Pete is frightened by his doppelgänger! A Re-Pete if you will



The Video

In what kind of became my Chinese Democracy, this project took nearly two months to complete. Swamped with various academic responsibilities and trying to tackle concepts that I had previously not touched in other videos, I felt the need to take my time with this one.

Featured as the voice of ol' Paydirt pete is my friend David Morrison. I reached out to him for a voiceover as my attempts came off as a marriage of a terrible Birdman impression and a monotone Clint Eastwood. As an El Paso native and an incredibly talented musician and vocalist, I felt that he would be perfect. He did a fantastic job bringing a little life to the character and it is worth your time to check out his work: http://davidmorrison.bandcamp.com/

I had a lot of fun transforming ol' Paydirt Pete into and old man and shopping dollar stores for various doll accessories to use in the video. Unfortunately only the Little Princess tea set from Dollar Tree made the cut. 

I also took the time to attempt to use found sounds, creating soundscapes, and other foley aspects of video. While this product isn't as visceral as what you would find in more professional productions, I definitely learned a decent bit about how to execute.


The Music

The music in Raw Pete is the song Raw Meat performed by The Black Lips from their album Arabia Mountain. Click here to access their website