Oh, The Places I Have Been! [Mexico, America, China - 2008-2011] by a zugunruhe

The first video being relaunched on this account is a compilation video I put together in mid-2011. This isn't the first travel video I made but it comes off as the most crude. A lot of the shots in this video had no intended purpose other than a stand alone clip, but I wanted the extra practice with video editing. 

Appearing in the montage are clips from various road trips, weekend flights to football games, and excess footage from what will be the next video posted, Chiners [2011].

This took a bit of time spent mining data in external hard drives for footage from the past few years.

Eternal thanks to everyone who put up with me shoving a camera in their face.

The song is "The Gold We're Digging" by the incredible Parts & Labor from their flawless record Mapmaker.