Lightwaves / by a zugunruhe

During my first weekend in Skagaströnd, I trekked out to the nearby seacliffs at night and climbed out to the edge with my camera, a light, and a long Pavement playlist. Also a few beers. Sitting on the edge of a cliff with strong winds at the end of winter in northern Iceland requires a few beers. 

Lightwaves is my attempt to bring color and beauty to the power of the ocean that surrounds Iceland. Driving along the coast and living in a seaside town, you become aware of how menacing and incredible the water and its tide can be. This collection was produced to add a new face to those crashing sounds.

I spent four nights getting the Lightwaves method down and I'm incredibly proud of what I have to offer here. I was blessed one night with a strong showing of the northern lights which blend perfectly into the background of a few shots.

All photos were taken from the sea cliffs outside of Skagaströnd and are not photoshopped. The only post-production techniques used were minor Lightroom tweaks to correct what Adobe does to Sony raw files.