Dreamscapes by a zugunruhe

Dreamscapes concentrates on the lucid views created by the midnight sunlight. While these photos don't capture full light during normal night, they represent the ominous daylight that lingers waiting for the summer solstice to arrive.

Lightwaves by a zugunruhe

During my first weekend in Skagaströnd, I trekked out to the nearby seacliffs at night and climbed out to the edge with my camera, a light, and a long Pavement playlist. Also a few beers. Sitting on the edge of a cliff with strong winds at the end of winter in northern Iceland requires a few beers. 

Lightwaves is my attempt to bring color and beauty to the power of the ocean that surrounds Iceland. Driving along the coast and living in a seaside town, you become aware of how menacing and incredible the water and its tide can be. This collection was produced to add a new face to those crashing sounds.

I spent four nights getting the Lightwaves method down and I'm incredibly proud of what I have to offer here. I was blessed one night with a strong showing of the northern lights which blend perfectly into the background of a few shots.

All photos were taken from the sea cliffs outside of Skagaströnd and are not photoshopped. The only post-production techniques used were minor Lightroom tweaks to correct what Adobe does to Sony raw files.

Nes/Skagaströnd by a zugunruhe

From March until May I was granted a stay at a wonderful residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland. While my stay was interrupted by a visa issue (turns out Europe is a complicated mess of imaginary lines), I was able to hop in and out of the country and experience this quaint seaside village for most of March and May.

I had no idea what to expect when I applied. Having an extended stay in one of the most uniquely beautiful countries I've ever been to allowed me to take the time to fully grasp the features of Iceland.

The washed brilliance of the muted colors, the smell of salt, and the hoards from the newly burgeoning tourist industry I was happy to escape. Everything worked together to give me a perspective that cherished isolated moments and landscapes.

As driving through Iceland is like transporting yourself through a different planet every twenty miles. It was nice to have a more static environment to work within.

I was able to complete a handful of projects that will be out soon. Including a video trilogy (of sorts) based on Icelandic literature (of sorts).

Iceland - South
Iceland - North

The Space and time You Have Is Real part 1 (soon)
The Space and time You Have Is Real part 2 (soon)