Slutist's Legacy of the Witch 2 by a zugunruhe

Slutist's second Legacy of the Witch festival was held Saturday night at Saint Vitus in Greenpoint. The night was filled with Tarot readings, burlesque, and a raffle for a dildo made of crystal.

The theme of this sex positive, feminist event was to reclaim the word witch as a positive and, in the words of Slutist founder Kristen Korvette, "to prove there's more to the term witch than a few Stevie Nicks costumes."

The night featured exciting, cathartic, and blood shedding performances by many lovely ladies and capped by bands Void Vision, Sabbath Assembly, and Wax Idols. The latter fronted by Hether Fortune, whose domineering stage presence brought out the likes of Nick Zinner.

Wax Idols

Saul Williams, Rough Trade NYC by a zugunruhe

On Friday, January 29th Saul Williams released MartyrLoserKing, his first studio release since 2011's Volcanic Sunlight. In support of this album, he announced a long string of dates in Europe. The first date (and one of two stateside) was a free show at Rough Trade NYC in Williamsburg on Tuesday the 2nd.

All songs performed in the short set were pulled from MLK and things got hype when CX Kidtronik jumped down to help perform No Different.

Van's Warped Tour - Minneapolis by a zugunruhe

On this trip I've been experiencing America one microcosm at a time. Van's Warped Tour is a weird mix of teenage ideals and the consumerism that surrounds it. It's youth in America.

Riff Raff was boring while I was in the photo pit but eventually woke up. Maybe he was as hungover as I.

Baby Baby killed it as always. Love those guys.