koh phi phi

Lightwaves 2: Lightwavy Boogaloo by a zugunruhe

In contrast to my first Lightwaves series, where I camped out on the sea cliffs outside of Skagastrond and did my best to keep my balance from the high winds, this set is defined more by calmer waters.

The original series was shot with a 16mm f/2.8. Since I had sold that lens in NYC for rent, I had to make due with a 15mm f/4.5 (which has also been flipped for rent). This switch influenced a remarkable change in how I could shoot these photographs. Much slower, but much warmer tones. This resulted in aiming to make the rocks and surroundings appear illuminated by the water rather than a mash of color from the waves.

The rocky shores of Vernazza, Manarola, and Corniglia very much helped establish a similar mood to what I shot in Iceland. The waves weren’t as dramatic but the setting helped me deliver what I wanted when I was able to position the camera just right and wasn’t nearly breaking my hand slipping on slick rock.

The annoyingly calm waters of Koh Phi Phi gave me a lot of trouble. Not only was the weather far too calm to get the shots I really wanted, but I had to wait hours for the tide to come in a little stronger and sneak onto resort beaches. The worst part of the experience was the crabs, sea slugs, and what appeared to be multiple prehistoric creatures crawling all over the rocks I needed to station myself on. I repeatedly voiced my apologies to the little dudes for ruining their nap much like I frequently apologized to possible elves hanging around the cliffs in Skagastrond when I had to take a leak. I truly meant no disrespect.

Cinque Terre

Koh Phi Phi