A Trip About Nothing [New York City - August 2014] / by a zugunruhe

Miranda I met up in NYC at one point. We're still trying to figure out why.

The Trip

We had been meaning to get matching tattoos for years. With two weeks in the city, we finally had the time. We settled on smiley faces on our thumbs and found some chick in a Brooklyn night market. She did such a terrible job that our tattoo are now what I like to call a "reverse pirate" as only an eye is left.


0:00 - 0:42 - Snapchat intro



1:24 - vocals matching up to HO99O9


1:44 - The dancing



2:20 - *~* NyC *~*





The Video

Since I'm usually the one filming everything in these videos, I wanted to try something new and have Miranda shoot some of the footage. I figured we could both just Snapchat a few things to fit the light-hearted nature go the song. I feel that it turned out just as intended.

Miranda and I were able to relive one of our favorite videos for the bridge of this video. Why?'s video for their song Dumb Hummer forever altered our lives.


The Music