Europe, 2014 [Paris, Munich, Venice, Milan, Turin, Barcelona - May/June 2014] / by a zugunruhe

The second video from the Europe trip. This one is a little slower and expands on a lot of the shots that wouldn't fit into the quick clips of the last (An American Goatneck in Paris).

The Trip

On one day in Paris, I spent over nine hours in The Lourve. I killed the batteries of two audio guides and was still finding new rooms the last half hour I was there. That entire experience was ridiculous. I did notice an abnormal amount of people taking selfies in front of paintings, which inspired the Mona Lisa Selfie at 1:01 and all of the thumbs up selfies throughout the video.

Later that day I went to an FM Belfast show. I was able to just follow a few people in and walk onto the floor while Berdsen and Hermigervill were opening. A few of the guys from FM Belfast came out an announced that their equipment was lost coming from Iceland so they would perform from some backup files on a laptop. After an incredible set, they ran out of songs and left the stage. The crowd kept stomping their feet and singing until they came out again, so they started to perform the same songs again as an encore.

Fucking amazing.

Since this is an extension of the same trip, more info can be found here:


2:44 - Primavera sunrise timelapse

2:52 - Primavera couple


2:54 - meh

2:55 - "take a pic of my chest"




The Video

This contains the excess footage from the last video (An American Goatneck in Paris)

A little more info here:

The Music