Lamb/Lion [San Francisco, Austin - March 2013] / by a zugunruhe

This video covers my time with Diana in San Francisco and my return to Austin with no sleep for SXSW in 2013.

Half Bay Area, half SXSW. Half lamb, half lion. This is when I fell in love with the Marin Headlands. 

My first video in 1080p since my LX5 bit the dust (literally) in the desert outside of Dubai a few months earlier.

The Trip

I snuck on to the convention floor thanks to a badge a friend of mine found on the ground from last year. The exact words used were "Hey Adam! You're white. You use this."

In the small amount of time I had inside, I encountered two lovely ladies promoting a conferencing/telecommuting whatchamadilly and traveling around with remote controlled bodies. I talked to them for a bit while they pitched their product. At one point they started talking to each other and decided to do a photo booth just down the aisle.

So I did what any self-respecting man would do, I went into a photo booth with them and proceeded to lightly grind on one.



0:33 - This guy



0:43 - Robits 



0:48 - This guy


1:03 - Narduwar rising out of the crowd


1:12 - This guy



1:55 - Cafe Tacuba pressing the recap button


2:21 - This guy




The Video

I love that I finally was able to use a Mae Shi song for a video.

Part trip montage, part SXSW recap. Since I divided the week between the two places, I wanted to mesh the two together as if they were a seamless experience. The video starts out SF heavy and slowly moves to solid SXSW. The Marin Headlands shots pretty much shot themselves. That stretch of land is absolutely gorgeous.

The recap shots from around 1:55 (Triggered by Cafe Tacuba) to the end are my favorites.

The Music