A DESERT?! WHAT YOU GON' DO IN A DESERT?! [Marfa, El Paso, White Sands, Big Bend - May 2013] / by a zugunruhe

This video cover the road trip I took with the Jenkins siblings to El Paso and to the amazing national parks of White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, and Big Bend.

When you're in a car for 40 hours over the course of a week, strange things happen. Some of those things are gummi bear related.

The Trip

In El Paso, we walked around the border shops downtown and made it a point to find the cheapest things we could possibly find for shenanigans down the road. 

We settled on sunglasses, capes (vinyl table covers), and various head pieces. We also loaded up on confetti, which turned out to be helpful later on. Little did we know that everything we bought ended up matching the sleds we were to use on the dunes.

We filmed our wearables transitions while driving out to White Sands in southern New Mexico. Still wearing everything, we started running up and down the dunes looking fabulous as possible. Only minutes into our excursion, we were approached by a gaggle of Japanese tourists who nothing more than to spend ten minutes posing in pictures with us.

I mean, who wouldn't want a photo with this:

Our lives are dope. We do dope shit.


0:26 - Us in awe of our magical high-five transportation

0:30 - Dat Ass



1:05 - Gummi Bear transition



1:30 - Jordan on the cliff


1:55 - Tienen vida las estrellas?



2:10 - The ~Aftermath~




The Video

Pretty standard montage. Since the Jenkins siblings are as goofy as I am, we came up with some pretty ridiculous and corny shots throughout the trip. Mostly in Marfa where we played around on ol' Judd's cinder blocks.

The most fun was coming up with the drivers seat transitions. I held my camera in place on the dash by taping small stacks of pennies on either side of the camera and we just shot what ever came to us along the way. 

My favorite shot overall is the confetti portion at the very end. I knew Slack had a pretty sweet drum roll ending and I wanted the video to go out with a bang. I then wanted to immediately follow that with a humorous shot of the aftermath. I love the idea of countering a scene of exuberance with one of utter normalcy. Which, on a road trip as long as this one, was common place.

The Music