All Good Travels Come to an India [India - Nov 2016] by a zugunruhe

The Video

The Trip

The first day in India, Delhi had an Air Purity index number that was off the charts.

Second day, the government decided to demonetize the two largest bills in the country

On the third, Donald Trump was elected president.

Besides the above mentioned hiccups, everything seemed to work out.

The pieces of India that I saw ranged from the views on the cusp of the Himalayas in Mcloedganj, the beautiful bridges of Udaipur, the colorful alleyways of Jodhpur, the splendor of the Amer Fort outside of Jaipur, the majesty of the Taj at Agra, and the history and urban center of Delhi. From the mountains to the desert, northern India had a range of beauty that I had yet to encounter in a single country besides the USA.

I hadn't intend to shoot a video on this trip as I thought 22,316 Miles would be my last travel based visuals. After grabbing a few clips early on and after having Die!Die!Die!'s Harmony stuck in my head, I decided to see what I could put together. While a lot of shots didn't turn out great due to the strong light and smog, I finally managed to bring everything together in this video.


1:11 - Hundreds of birds launching in front of statue of Swami Sraddhanand




1:32 - Tempo change to small lantern floating in Lake Pichola





2:57 - A father playing with his child in Jama Masjid


The Music

The music used is the song Harmony by the incredible New Zealand band Die Die Die from their record Harmony.  You can find more info about them here

The music used is the song Harmony by the incredible New Zealand band Die Die Die from their record Harmony. You can find more info about them here

22,316 Miles [USA, Canada - July/September 2015] by a zugunruhe

From July 4th until September 28th, I drove from El Paso to Alaska and back. I Shot the experience from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep. 

The Trip

I finished school on July 2nd and left El Paso two days later. This was a week ahead of schedule and fittingly my own Independence Day. I had a loose plan of hitting up a good chunk of the country on my way to Alaska and no clear plan on how to get back. Because of this, the trip lasted five weeks longer than I had intended. Like every trip I have taken, I was terrified and doubted even going through with everything. I'm glad I did as this was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Not only did I do this trip for the experience, I did this to hone my camera skills a little more. once I arrived back home and started going through photos, there was a definite positive curve of quality present as the trip went on. That's what happens when you shoot from the time you wake up until you go to sleep for three months.

I was incredibly fortunate to meet incredible people and visit friends I hadn't seen in years. As I roamed the country, sleeping in my car and adjusting to have very few set plans, I discovered exactly how beautiful this land is. The national parks are gorgeous, each city has it's own story, and people are chill. 


0:18 - Phase One



0:47 - Phase Two



1:15 - Phase Three



1:55 - Phase Four
(pictures/Canadian Parks)




2:41 - Phase Five



The Video

One of the critiques that I usually receive about my videos are that they are too fast. In response, this is the fastest video I have put together. While I had been using fast moving cuts of still photos for a while, I've never used them to this degree. The project file for this video was so large (~19,000 items) that Premiere Pro crashed non stop.

I originally wanted to shoot a completely different type of video but realized I wasn't quite where I needed to be to execute effectively.

The idea for this video came to me while driving from Nashville to St Louis. The basic concept here is that after we travel, we don't necessarily retain a vivid memory of everything that happened. We tend to forget the dull moments and have only flashes of memories from the things that we did. This video is my representation of a memory of a trip. The beginning is quick while I'm soaking everything in and eventually slows once I get into the groove of realizing what's around me.

The Music

Snapped in the USA ['Murica - July/September 2015 ] by a zugunruhe

I spent 87 days driving to alaska From El Paso and back. I had way too much time to myself.

The Trip

87 days Is a long time. I woke up every morning and grinded out my photography skills all day. It was basically heaven. 

I drove from El Paso to Alaska by way of Nashville. I was able to knock out bucket list stuff as well as discover worlds I had no idea existed. I met the most fantastic people who offered me everything from drinks to places to crash and I am eternally grateful. 

I've traveled a lot in my life and I must say that this was one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. I feel like I can die a happy man now. 


1:17 - PENGUIN into dog head



2:00 - ghost riding the bonneville salt flats



3:40 - Hometown in Sign Post Forest


The Video

Basic premise was to use the middle third of the video for a Snapchat timeline and use the surrounding blanks for b-roll to either set the scene or accentuate the timeline some how.

I had been wanting to use Snapchat as a video vehicle for a while and actually tried to  make the Trip About Nothing video primarily snapchat. I ended up settling for an intro. I had originally wanted to play around with the location based stickers in the app. That idea was quickly throw off as my first major stop, Memphis, didn't offer any. So I began relying on playing off my surroundings. Every day felt like a non-stop improv exercise as I was trying to bend everything into a joke. 

The Music

The song used is "new direction" performed by the Black Lips from the perfection known as Arabia Mountain. Click here to access their website.  

The song used is "new direction" performed by the Black Lips from the perfection known as Arabia Mountain. Click here to access their website.